Aila News

v0.3 is on the way

I'm happy to announce that version 0.3 is nearing completion.

With this release the Aila web crawler speed has been increased by almost 2x.

New features are on the way to, such as the ability to submit your site for Aila to crawl. Although Aila crawls the enitre web, there is a chance that you site won't be reached. With the new "Submit Your Site" feature, we can garantee your site will be crawled.

There are a number of other features which will be released too. More news to follow.

Aila has launched!

After many late nights and head scratching I am happy to announce that launch of Aila v0.2.

Although this isn't a full version of the search engine, I felt it would be useful to get Aila online and start using it as my primary searche engine.

There will be a number of releases between now and v1, so watch this space to keep updated.